“The Unexpected Path that Led Me to Homeschooling”


Are you a planner like I am? Have your short- and long-term goals been established? Along with the steps you feel are necessary to achieve them? Even projected timelines in which you feel these goals should be achieved? If so, I am in good company.


I have always been a very driven individual. Whatever I set my mind on to achieve, I put all my time and energy into that project until it came to fruition. Once that goal was achieved, I did not relish in the moment, but rather sought out yet another goal to achieve. I never stopped to ask myself why I was in such a hurry. I figured movement meant progression, so I needed to keep moving in order to keep progressing.


One of the amazing things about God is that He knows each of us intimately. He knows how to get our attention to steer us in the right direction. The process may not be pretty or smooth, especially for those who are as stubborn as I am. But if you persevere, as I found out from personal experience, the outcome will be well worth it.


So I invite you now to go on this journey with me as I share the incredible story of my son Jay, in hopes that it will sustain you during your journey. Thanks to God’s direction, everything would fall beautifully into place for both of us.

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